Performance Assurance & SLA Management for Carrier Ethernet, IP and SDN/NFV networks

Managing intense data traffic growth while ensuring growth in new services is one of the most urgent challenges in communication networks. Differentiating with quality and reliability provides significant competitive advantage. SLA-focused performance management and network-wide measurements help you leverage your network assets to the maximum.

How we help? Improved Network Quality and Visibility

Creanord provides best-of-breed products and solutions for Service Providers and Carriers to improve network quality and visibility. In addition to helping you assure Carrier Ethernet and IP Networks, we support you in moving to automated SDN and NFV-based networks. You choose if you want evolution or revolution – we enable the transition by providing assurance.

Complete Service Assurance and SLA reporting to help you succeed

The priority of service quality is an ever more important factor when buying telecom services. We can partner with you to support your service life-cycle. We’re committed to work with you and make you successful from first deployment to ongoing network management and continuous improvement of your service offering.

Creanord Products

  • EchoVault

    True SLA™ Management and Performance Assurance system for Service Providers and Carriers.

  • EchoVault Portal

    Customer-Oriented service reporting. Multi-tenant Customer Portal delivered with full Provider branding and flexible configuration options.

  • CreaNODE 3000 / vProbe

    Highly Scalable Ethernet and IP Network Measurement Probe. Carrier-Grade virtualized assurance with hardware timestamping precision. Also available as a vProbe NFV App.

  • CreaNODE EV3000 Appliance

    Carrier-class service activation testing and powerful yet accurate performance monitoring plus reporting.

Creanord SLA Assured Ethernet Virtual Private Line Business service

Service Focused Performance and SLA Management allow competing with offering and quality, rather than just price. Creanord EchoVault provides you a platform for service differentiation with powerful and flexible service reporting. A customer portal with real-time SLA view along with periodic compliance reporting lifts your service to the premium category. This builds trust and improves customer loyalty – making the connectivity service more real and tangible as well as harder to relinquish.

Performance Assurance for Mobile Backhaul

Backhaul is often the bottleneck for Mobile Services. Upgrading the legacy transport network for LTE is complex and requires service assurance focus. Creanord EchoVault and CreaNODE 3000 provides a cost-optimized Performance and SLA Management. The solution comes with centralized measurements, standard protocols and extreme measurement accuracy and scales up to 10 000 continuos tests with just a single probe.


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