Creanord Teams Up with Brocade, Intel and Telenor for ETSI NFV PoC Live Demo

Creanord presents ETSI PoC#39 on Service Assurance at NFV World Congress 2016 in San Jose. Read this edition to learn all about it.

Etsi Virtualised Service Assurance Management

Virtual Service Assurance Management for Gi-LAN demo

This proof of concept demonstrates deterministic service chain provisioning and re-routing in a virtualized multi-site Gi-LAN environment and shows how to automatically restore service levels in SDN and NFV based environments. The PoC team includes Brocade providing Service Chaining orchestration, Intel providing NFVi and Telenor as Service Provider sponsor in addition to Creanord's vProbe, which is used to monitoring interconnects. Additionally an open vSAM (Virtualised Service Assurance Manager) is included in the solution.

The PoC shows intelligent granular resource sharing across multiple NFVI-PoP's and minimizes the impact of a failure of a component within a service chain. It demonstrates how this can be achieved by providing the NFV provisioning layers with network-wide visibility of Gi-LAN VNF health status and inter-Gi-LAN WAN performance metrics via vSAM.

Etsi, PoC, vProbe, Vsam

Creanord vProbe monitors delay, delay variation, loss and bandwidth usage on the Brocade Vyatta 5600 vRouter and sends the network status via REST to the controller, which can then dynamically allocate service chain components.

While NFV promises a number of compelling benefits by decoupling applications from the hardware, addressing challenges in network visibility, measurement, reporting and assurance is an important step in accelerating the deployments of virtual services. The solution exploits Intel's deep understanding and expertise into x86 and software architectures, along with Brocade and Creanord software components. The solution allows ensuring service integrity and velocity across SDN/NFV architectures and is applicable for applications beyond the vGi-LAN.


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