Overcoming Service Assurance Challenges in Virtualized Networks

- As networks are virtualized and new technologies such as 5G enable new more demanding applications new requirements are set on service assurance. On-demand services change the key characteristics and needs of networks.

SDN/NFV Service Assurance

Service Assurance in SDN/NFV vs. Classic Carrier-Grade Networks

Networks are evolving towards supporting more demanding applications and increased automation as they advance to virtualization with NFV and SDN. The benefits are significant: smart service placement, dynamic provisioning, Improved service velocity, auto-scaling capacity and more. At the same time virtualization brings challenges - how do you ensure deterministic performance when network resources are consumed and released on demand? New applications, for instance automated driving, collaborative robots and remote surgery in 5G will require much more from the network in the form of low latency and reliability. This means need for assurance for virtualized networks is increasing. In fact, several recent studies have put service assurance as one of the most important aspects to address prior to proceeding with virtualization.

A summary of additional requirements for assuring Virtual networks vs Classic Carrier networks is below:

Service Assurance Requirements

On a high level, what you need is 1) virtualization support, without losing the dependability of hardware 2) deployment and configuration automation support model-driven and enabling evolving topologies, 3) REST APIs to connect to orchestration. All this needs to scale, both with regard to time and capacity well beyond today's networks, while supporting more granularity. Especially delivering Network as a Service, SLA becomes very interesting and especially automating SLA management and reporting. Incidentally SLA reporting is something typically not available in service assurance solutions, so if this is a requirement an army of consultants needs to be called in.

At Creanord, we have taken a holistic approach, not only ensuring that all of the requirements of NFV and SDN are met, but also enabling gradual development by supporting the new virtualization technologies seamlessly in parallel with classic assurance. The ability to deliver proven, scalable virtual probing and SDN-ready management with SLA makes Creanord unique in the marketplace. For information on a PoC SDN with virtualized service assurance, see here, or here, or contact us, we would be happy to discuss how to implement NFV and SDN in your network as well as how customers are deploying virtualized service assurance.


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