From Finland, Born Global

Creanord, headquartered in Helsinki Finland, has a strong position in the market through close collaboration with leading service providers in Europe, North America and worldwide. By implementing Creanord's solution these customers experience both improved operation of their converging networks and greater ease in introducing new bundled high-SLA services.

Creanord assists carriers and service providers to streamline networks and business operations by providing a comprehensive solution for Performance Assurance, True SLA™ and for strengthening customer loyalty.

Software, Hardware & Virtualization - Engineered to Perfection

To meet the versatile customer requirements Creanord has own hardware and software development alongside partnerships with leading global vendors. To complete the offering Creanord delivers professional services to assure the use of best practises available and training services for securing the highest technology know-how and operational efficiency. This enables seamless integration with third-party operations, business support systems and Software Defined Networks (SDN) and allows the customer to take full advantage of Creanord's solution.

Geared For Growth

Creanord envisages steady business growth as networks and services become ever more critical for businesses and as a result operational excellence is key for service providers to increase both their margins and market share. To execute the mission Creanord has employed highly motivated and skilled personnel together with a seasoned board of directors including the Chairman Reijo Mäihäniemi, the former Tellabs Director, and Marko Luoma, an industry recognised visionary from Aalto University.


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