Network visibility with virtualized CPE

A virtual customer premises equipment or vCPE is emerging as one of the most interesting use cases for NFV. This edition of Creanord EchoNEWS is focusing on network visibility with vCPE.

Virtualized Service Assurance Exploiting vCPE

SDN & NFV vProbe

A virtual customer premises equipment or vCPE is emerging as one of the most interesting use cases for NFV. It is not hard to see why; the capability of running many functionalities previously requiring separate dedicated pieces of hardware on one box while at the same time enabling rolling out future services by deploying software certainly sounds compelling. Being able to do this at a customer site, reducing the need to send people to install and configure services saves a lot of hassle and money.

The long list of benefits includes:

  • New revenue sources by deploying additional services on the deployed hardware
  • Slashed logistics costs as each type of hardware no longer requires separate warehousing
  • Lower operating and capital expenses thanks to shared hardware for multiple functions
  • Fast delivery of new services
An example of a configuration might be that you have an x86 based vCPE providing classic CPE services and on that same box you can run a separate VNF providing a security service, thus saving you the expense and bother of a separate firewall appliance.

One of the challenges to address with vCPE is to get sufficient network visibility. This can be addressed by adding operations, management and troubleshooting capabilities with a virtual Probe, vProbe. This enables probing, connectivity testing and network monitoring. Consider an enterprise deployment, with numerous offices and a requirement for data transfer between the offices. The vProbe can support end-to-end and mesh type automated performance measurements in addition to Y.1564 measurements for both activation testing and troubleshooting. With the help of automated controller and orchestrator functionalities and integration to related systems using REST interfaces a the solution can help pave the way for automated service delivery.

Creanord recently proved the feasibility of a vProbe in a centralized vGi-LAN environment with ETSI PoC #39 demo at NFV World Congress in April. The vProbe monitors delay, delay variation, loss and bandwidth. The same platform can be utilized in a vCPE environment, taking into account the specific requirements, such as possible resource constraints. Creanord vProbe gives you more flexibility, while still retaining absolute precision. Additionally, it fits smoothly into existing environments with hybrid physical and virtual networks as the EchoVault management solution supports physical probes equally well to help providing true end-to-end network visibility.

Join us for a vProbe demo at Big Communications Event in Texas on May 24-25th!

At Creanord we strive to empower service providers to strengthen the value of their offering by helping them stay on top of quality. Powerful and flexible performance management and service reporting in virtualized SDN and NFV environments enable you to manage and exploit your network to the max. Join us in Austin, Texas to hear about our latest innovations in Service Assurance and see demo of Gi-LAN virtualization with the help of Creanord vProbe. The demo is based on ETSI PoC # 39.


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