Helsinki, February 2, 2016

Creanord Simplifies Service Assurance for Challenger Operators, Launches All-In-One Service Activation Testing and Performance Monitoring Appliance

Creanord Ltd, the leader in SDN/NFV network state, IP and Ethernet performance monitoring and service reporting solutions, today announced an optimized service activation testing and performance monitoring solution in a box, with built-in hardware accuracy and SLA reporting. The solution extends carrier-grade testing and service reporting to challenger operators, cloud service providers and enterprises.

Building on market proven technology and focusing on ease of use, the CreaNODE EV3000 sets a new standard for monitoring.

As challenger service providers continue to look for new ways to differentiate, network performance becomes increasingly important. However, until now, there has been no solution that fits the bill with respect to control, flexibility and affordability without compromising accuracy and reliability. Many cloud service providers and enterprises are becoming increasingly dependent on connectivity and accordingly look for robust monitoring with precision and versatility built in. The new CreaNODE EV3000 includes Y.1564 SAT, TWAMP, Y.1731 loopback measurements and bandwidth utilization support with advanced analytics as well as map-based reporting and service monitoring. Further, SLA reporting with real-time customer views, monthly reports, repository and post-event maintenance windows bring state-of-the art automated tools to these previously underserved groups. Compelling and versatile Y.1564 SAT monitoring, CreaSFP 200 precision test endpoints, Remote Disaster Recovery, Customer Portal and remote probes completes the impressive set of features for this full-blown assurance, troubleshooting and monitoring system with exceptionally effortless setup.

“Network performance is increasingly becoming the foundation for success, even beyond the larger CSPs.” states Creanord CEO Jari Augustin. “Creanord has built the most powerful network monitoring probe in the world, the CreaNODE 3000 Probe. Now, with the CreaNODE EV3000 Appliance we are empowering challenger CSPs and other organizations not only with service assurance with full real-time network visibility but also true SLA reporting – all in a single box. The unforeseen simplicity will help propel organizations deploying the solution towards more prosperous digital business.”

“Compromise is simply not acceptable when it comes to network monitoring and reporting”, emphasizes Creanord CTO Antti Pappila. “We want our customers to have it all. This new solution brings the benefits and value of assurance and network visibility based on accurate measurements to new users. Additionally, thanks to the REST API, the solution is ready for SDN-level reporting towards controllers, helping to make the network future proof. If you are looking at NFV, the solution can be extended with vProbes.”

The CreaNODE EV3000 Appliance is now available. For more information, see

About Creanord

Creanord empowers carriers and service providers with True SLA Network Experience™, through a complete service assurance solution for SDN/NFV, Carrier Ethernet and IP networks. The solution comes with the CreaNODE 3000 Advanced Probe and NFV-based CreaNODE vProbe, EchoVault Performance and SLA Management system and EchoVault Portal as well as the CreaNODE EV3000 appliance, combining probing, reporting and management. This comprehensive solution for Performance and SLA Management provides predictive analytics and improves network visibility to strengthen customer loyalty. Creanord provides Service Assurance with the power and flexibility required in ever-changing, virtualized networks. For more information about Creanord, please visit


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