Creanord Strengthens SLA Management Portfolio

Welcome to September 2013 issue of Creanord EchoNEWS, focusing on EchoVault - the leading Carrier Ethernet SLA management and reporting platform. Creanord helps Service Providers align the network with business targets to enable differentiation and improve customer satisfaction. This edition looks at new extensions to the EchoVault SLA Management suite, to boost operational efficiencies and customer intimacy.

Build More Momentum with Performance and SLA Compliance Reporting

Many service providers have already turned to Ethernet to address scalability and cost challenges presented by the staggering growth in data services. Ethernet bulk buyers such as mobile backhaul, enterprise service, managed service and application service providers as well as large corporate customers all have one thing in common. As the services are vital for their business, they require strict SLAs and compliance reporting. The player with the best reporting will have an edge when competing for contracts.

To ensure that the different groups appreciate your service, it pays to stay ahead with adding value to services. Visibility into SLA compliance provides both improved customer intimacy and a nice value add when competing against other vendors. It is a great way to give a face to the somewhat intangible communications service.

With this in mind, Creanord's SLA management and reporting offering is expanding with two new spearheading modules:

  • SLA Delivery Report for stunning SLA compliance reporting as a spreadsheet, with full report delivery process support
  • Protected circuit SLA reporting to further increase the value of high-end services through improved visibility

Creanord SLA Management Suite.

1) SLA dashboards for quick overviews of customer's real-time SLA status with drilldown,
2) SLA Delivery for compliance reporting
3) SLA Protect for compound SLA for protected circuits 4) Customer portal for publishing.

The purpose of the new modules is to complement existing real-time reporting functionality with a set of state-of-the-art tools for monthly SLA compliance reporting. The new features not only reduce the reporting burden on IT staff, but also allow you to raise the profile of service reporting within the business and help managers and employees focus on execution rather than generating spreadsheets. In other words they help save time, reduce mistakes and improve your service through automated reporting and process control. With the help of the SLA Delivery Spreadsheet report you can simplify and automate monthly contractual reporting tasks such as compiling data, performing comparison against targets, adding maintenance windows, delivering, publishing and archiving monthly service compliance reportsPurpose of new modules. In addition to avoiding tedious manual reporting work, controlling the reporting process also helps you minimize errors. Publishing the catalog of delivery reports through the portal helps ensure that it becomes easily accessible - both internally and for customers. For instance an account team could easily check the latest few compliance reports before meeting with a client. From the perspective of the customer, the SLA Delivery Spreadsheet brings an attractive summary of the services and reporting showing service delivery outcome. With privileges, previewing and recalculation it also provides a complete set of reporting tools for True Network Visibility - complete with the flexibility you need to customize reporting per customer. As an example of flexibility, if there have been service affecting problems that are out of SLA scope, you can simply add maintenance windows and recalculate a new report.

The second new module is targeted for mission critical applications requiring circuit protection. This is a service with data being able to pass via a secondary route if the primary violates the performance targets. In such a scenario, reporting on SLA compliance is significantly more challenging than for a single route. Protected circuit SLA reporting automates the required calculations, and can provide the data on the better of the two circuits. Thus you can rest assured that your customer will get appropriate reporting along with their high-value service. EchoVault shows service performance in a way that is understandable by your customers - compliance to commitments rather than just technical data. The new extensions help you provide SLA compliance reporting with numerous benefits, see table below:

Better SLA Reporting for Your Customers

Timely monthly reporting brings you recurring customer interaction and an opportunity to improve the customer's perception of service value as well as their trust in the provider - you are after all showing how well you have fulfilled the quality promise made to them. This helps improve customer satisfaction and reduce the likelihood of them to turn to other providers. Moreover, you can use your reports as a differentiator and sales tool to help you win bids, particularly for larger deals with strict requirements. For high value customers who value quality higher than price, EchoVault provides the tools to show them and convince them that you can deliver.


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