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Welcome to the March 2010 issue of Creanord EchoNEWS. EchoNEWS aims to keep you informed of developments at Creanord and in the fields of SLA assurance, automated Ethernet service delivery and OAM (Operations, Administration and Maintenance).

In this March issue we take a look inside the Cloud services infrastructure. What is needed and essential in networks providing services for Cloud computing.

Cloud computing - Delivering good customer experience beyond data center

Service Providers play critical role in cloud computing while being able to provide network services, infrastructure, hosted applications and other managed services as a complete bundle for enterprise customers. Cloud computing also creates new revenue stream possibilities for service providers and further increases the usage and value of the service provider networks. At the same time these bundled services create a new challenge in means of efficient BSS/OSS for provisioning and maintenance of cloud services.

Whether the network service provider decides to act as a cloud service provider or not it has the opportunity to drive incremental revenue streams from upstream customers (the application providers) and downstream customers (the application consumers).

From the enterprise perspective consolidating datacenters and utilizing cloud services usually provides flexibility and savings but at the same time they run into trouble with worldwide latency. Today's highly interactive applications require high quality networks with short latencies. For example 150 ms for web conferencing and key stroke mirroring and 185 ms for mouse downs. Unless latency is taken into account by the cloud service provider from the beginning, the extra revenue from cloud services can quickly be burnt with fleeing enterprise customers because of lack of usability and poor service quality.

There has to be an efficient monitoring for latency in place with the ability to see both latency peaks as well as trends over wider period of time. Latency has to be kept in minimum from the initial planning of the cloud service network.

Bandwidth monitoring and capacity management

The amount of bandwidth the enterprise customer consumes while using cloud services is equivalent to the actual usage of the cloud services. Hence information about bandwidth utilization is vital specially since network service provider charges based on it. In addition of knowing the current bandwidth usage the service providers need a system to control and boost bandwidth per individual enterprise customer as on demand basis. Having the knowledge of the bandwidth usage during a wider period of time provides valuable information for developing the network and for capacity planning.

Creanord EchoVault's Traffic-Meter Dashboard provides maximum per-second peak, percentile and average bandwidth usage information

In order to be able to charge for bandwidth boosts and other temporary & short term changes made on particular enterprise customers cloud service, the service providers network provisioning system has to be able to provide this information for the real-time charging platforms automatically. This is where the standards based open API's integration between BSS and OSS comes crucial.

Importance of Traffic Shaping

As time goes by and the cloud and the services evolve, service providers need to be able to control the usage of free services such as YouTube and other sponsored applications as well as business applications. As a service provider it is not necessarily a bad thing to offer bandwidth consuming services but you need to have intelligent traffic shaping in place in order to control the usage and to able to charge for the guaranteed business application bandwidth. Otherwise business applications quality and customer experience will suffer which will surely lead to customer churn.

Low latency networking for the Cloud

The all hardware data-path architecture of Creanord's Ethernet Access Devices also known as NIDs provide excellent platform for low latency networking. This state-of-art hardware combined with EchoVault element management, provisioning and performance management functions enables true carrier class connectivity for cloud services. EchoVault's SLA-Meter provides you with Y.1371 standard based network quality measurements while Traffic-Meter gives you the ability to monitor and report per-second bandwidth usage for each customer VLAN. Creanord's Ethernet Access Devices provide traffic shaping capabilities which guarantee the service level your customers are paying for. It's easy to plan and execute the expansion of your cloud services with Creanord MetroNODE Packet Performance Node. MetroNODE provides proven scalability for thousands of customers and VLAN's and datacenter access up to with 10 Gbps. Last but not least EchoVault's open standards based API's ensure seamless integration with other OS/BS systems - completing and securing your cloud network infrasturcture investment far to the future.

MetroNODE 10GE is the ideal solution for high capacity and low latency networking

New revenue with Customer Experience Management

Enterprise customers demand more and more detailed reporting for the network and service performance. For CIO who has outsourced services to a cloud provider the EchoVault's customer portal and dashboards provide the much needed visibility into the actual network service quality. Visibility makes the CIO's life easier and supports decision making when planning use of new cloud services.


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