EchoVault 5.0 Brings SNMP for Y.1731

Welcome to July 2011 issue of Creanord EchoNEWS. EchoNEWS aims to keep you informed of developments at Creanord and in the fields of SLA assurance, automated Ethernet service delivery and OAM (Operations, Administration and Maintenance).

In today's challenging competitive environment, service providers are struggling to distinguish themselves from the competition, add value and avoid becoming a vendor of pipes with price the only differentiator. One key factor affecting service providers ability to differentiate is customer satisfaction, stemming from real and percieved service quality. In this issue of EchoNews we look at the new functionality in Creanord EchoVault 5.0 and how it can help you improve customer satisfaction.

SNMP Collection for Y.1731 and Driver for RAD ETX-204A

Managing how well your network operates is the basis to providing good quality to customers. Measuring network performance is the means to be able to manage network quality. Y.1731 is rapidly becoming the standard of choice for Carrier Ethernet, as it provides a comprehensive solution for performance management and a standardized way to measure network characteristics. In multi-vendor environments a broad range of equipment support helps reduce management complexity and bring the benefits of near real-time visibility into the service. SNMP is a widespread protocol for result collection from network equipment. EchoVault 5.0 brings a powerful and distributed framework for Ethernet result collection through SNMP. The framework provides rapid driver-based integration to various Y.1731 data sources through SNMP v1, v2c and v3 protocols including SHA and MD5 authentication and AES and DES privacy.

With Y.1731, delay, delay variation and packet loss data is collected from the nodes. SNMP nodes can be added to EchoVault by selecting "External SNMP Agent" in the Add a New EchoAgent page. Then MEP/MEG and SLA-Meter and Y.1731 configurations can be added with the same familiar workflow as for any other EchoVault managed node. End-users get immediate visibility into their service via the SLA Portal.

Release 5.0 brings driver support for Y.1731 for RAD ETX-204A Ethernet demarcation device, with firmware 2.0 or newer.

Performance testing with UDP Echo and Ping to 1000 targets

The EchoVault UDP Echo Client tests measure network performance and availability. These tests send UDP test packets from the EchoAgent to specified targets such as Cisco and Juniper routers and Unix hosts running UDP Echo service or loopback devices assigned for this purpose. The tests comply with RFC 862 and now utilize hardware time-stamping engine in the NID/NODEs for 1 microsecond accurate results when supported by the NID firmware. This test policy also provides an option to configure Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) to the test packets in order to test Quality of Service (QoS) conformance. Further, EchoVault 5.0 extends the capacity to allow UDP Echo Client tests to up to 1000 targets for MetroNODE and 250 targets for MetroNID. EchoVault also allows bulk uploading targets from a file to ease adding targets.

ICMP Echo Client test, commonly known as Ping, for NID and MetroNODE is for testing network availability and packet loss using ICMP Echo request messages (as defined in RFC 792). In addition to packet loss the test reports round-trip delay and delay variation. Ping test is useful where UDP Echo Client or SLA-Meter testing is not feasible, such as in cases where testing is required against targets such DSL modems, Network Printers or other network resources with limited functionality.

EchoVault Release 5.0

In addition to the above mentioned functionality Creanord EchoVault release 5.0 brings numerous important enhancements such as interactive day-by-day charts for Analytics and 3S Dashboard Metric and Period web-reports, interactive Event Hotlinks from threshold crossing events, instant Portal Links, templates and wizards to improve workflow and improved user management. The release is now available and our team is standing by to give you a demo!

With Best Expected Monthly Service Availability, the provider can set warning threshold for Monthly Service Availability of, say, 99,95% in case if the agreed Service Availability minimum is 99,8% to get heads-up notification. This gives an opportunity to firstly react before the service is degraded sufficiently to break the SLA, but also to project whether the SLA is at risk to be broken and how urgently a reaction is required.

This information is a good example of Operational Intelligence and it enables the provider to react on SLA's closest at risk of being breached, and also to prioritise between different maintenance efforts.

Become Innovative

Everyone has ideas about how to improve their own work and the service to customers. Harnessing the creative power of the individuals allows your organization to embrace change and thrive in today's competitive environment. EchoVault provides the tools to turn an ethernet pipe into a data link with different service classes with varying properties. Additionally it is possible to choose the level of visibility into the service through the portal. With the system providing an easy way to add SLA's with required properties, these functionalities allow for innovation in the services and their presentation. For instance, you may choose to provide an opportunity to temporarily oversubscribe the bandwidth during certain hours of the night. You can then provide visibility to the user displaying through the portal how much bandwidth they utilized. This allows you to provide a better service to the customer at off-peak hours and at the same time possibly a way to upsell more bandwidth.

EchoVault and Real-Time Operational Intelligence

In addition to the above mentioned functionality Creanord EchoVault includes numerous features and functionalities giving you improved visibility and insight into your services and empowering you to take optimal action in real time to deliver improved business results. Please contact us, our team is standing by to give you a demo!


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