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Welcome to June 2010 issue of Creanord EchoNEWS. EchoNEWS aims to keep you informed of developments at Creanord and in the fields of SLA assurance, automated Ethernet service delivery and OAM (Operations, Administration and Maintenance).

Creanord EchoVault 4.8, to be released in August 2010, introduces new valuable Add-on modules providing our customers even more tools for reducing customer churn and improving QoS measurements. In this issue of Creanord EchoNEWS we look more closely into two of these - EchoVault Event Dashboard, enabling Customer Experience Management (CEM) for Events and Throughput Meter for scheduled and on-demand throughput measurements.

EchoVault Event Dashboard

All Service Providers have occasional problems within their networks and services. The key for maintaining the customers trust in such a situation is to act fast. Fixing the problem is of course first priority but proactively informing the customer how the problem solving is proceeding is greatly valued by the customer. A happy customer equals reduced churn. Moreover, well planned customer communications reduce unnecessary contacts to helpdesk and NOC (Network Operations Center). This is welcomed by the busy professionals who are able to focus on the job at hand instead of answering frustrated customer enquiries.

To be able to achieve this goal is not as hard as you might think - EchoVault Event Dashboard provides a quick view to the latest events and alerts for both Service Provider and Customer. Both the customer and the Service Provider are also able to comment any event. This is useful for example when providing background information about the event.

The EchoVault Event Dashboard displays alert details and related comments for both Service Provider and customer.

For the NOC professionals smoothly operating support systems are imperative. By utilizing latest Web 2.0 technologies the EchoVault Event Dashboard dynamically displays new events without page refresh. No more slow browser load times and flickering screens in NOCs.

EchoVault Throughput Meter (centralized RFC 2544 Testsuite)

We discussed about the Ethernet Services birth certificate in the December 2009 EchoNEWS issue. The most questioned character of a new circuit is its throughput. Customers are always interested to know that they are receiving the amount of bandwidth per quality class they have purchased. The Throughput Meter introduces centralized and automated circuit turn-up verification and troubleshooting via IETF RFC 2544, the industry de-facto standard for throughput measurements.

The EchoVault Throughput Meter enables automated testing & reporting of Ethernet and IP OAM (Operations Administration and Maintenance) parameters (on the service VLAN), such as Frame Delay, Frame Delay Variation, Frame Loss, Frame Loss Rate (FLR), Throughput and Availability.

Ensuring the Ethernet service quality, performance and SLA adherence right after the installation strengthens the customer relationship. Customer knows that the service implementation and hand-off is done professionally.

The Throughput Meter comes with a easy to use wizard like user interface that guides the user in the measurement and report creation process. First, user associates the measurement to the desired customer, selects the time for the test, source and target destinations and finally chooses one of the pre-configured RFC 2544 Test Suite configurations. The Throughput Meter report is provided either in PDF or RTF format and delivery methods include email, SCP* and EchoVault Portal.

*Secure Copy Protocol

Throughput Meter reports are saved for future reference to EchoVault Report Catalog that can be also viewed in read only mode through EchoVault Portal. For the Service Provider the Throughput Meter provides easy re-run of the tests with 'Play Again' button.


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