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Welcome to June 2011 issue of Creanord EchoNEWS. EchoNEWS aims to keep you informed of developments at Creanord and in the fields of SLA assurance, automated Ethernet service delivery and OAM (Operations, Administration and Maintenance).

The competitive environment of service providers is getting increasingly challenging with margins being squeezed and market saturation making it ever tougher to sustain revenue growth. One key factor affecting service providers bottom lines is the churn rate, i.e. customers leaving for another provider. This issue of EchoNews looks at Ethernet Customer Experience Management to help reduce Churn rates and improve your bottom line.

Ethernet Customer Experience Management and Churn

The goal of Customer Experience Management (CEM) is to increase customer loyalty and ultimately turn customers into active advocates of the service. Improved Customer Experience Management impacts revenue significantly over time as it helps to bring down churn rates. The price of new customer acquisitions is significant and a drop in churn rates of only a few percentage points can bring notable improvements in the bottom line. Every service provider knows how difficult it is to replace churned customers by a new acquired customers. Churn data has even become a key measure to determine service provider performance.

Customers have little patience for providers who fail to meet expectations. Often however, the network is blamed for problems that actually originate elsewhere. The context where telecommunications services are used may be complex with the customer's own equipment, applications and internal network services all required to function properly. The end-customer hardware or service configurations or even software problems may affect the availability of applications. Yet if the customer does not know where a problem lies, they often blame the service provider for a poor connection considering them 'guilty till proven innocent'.

Telecommunications services cannot be seen or touched by the customers and few of them have means of measuring quality. Bringing visibility into the service by providing interactive reporting with visualized data and analytics adds a means of making the service more tangible. This allows differentiating the service as well as significantly improving the Customer Experience. A report of the quality at various periods in time is also more convincing and exhaustive proof of quality than a statement asserting that 'everything looks fine on the service provider side' - which might be the answer the help desk would provide if a customer wants to check whether there have been any problems.

Reducing Churn with Creanord EchoVault

The key parts of Customer Experience Management with Creanord EchoVault are providing proven quality and improving loyalty through improved visibility and interactive reporting. A portal view for customers reduces the number of unnecessary calls to the service providers help desk, reducing wasted time for both parties and operating expenses. Further, a good word-of-mouth helps acquiring new customers. The proven quality of the network as shown in reports allows the sales force to use the network quality as a sales argument and the portal ensures that customers can verify the provided quality after purchase, improving customer satisfaction.


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