Slashing the Silos with Creanord eXtended SNMP

- This edition of Creanord EchoNEWS focuses on improved network visibility with the new eXtended SNMP. The combination of carrier-grade performance monitoring and network health typically requires two separate systems, making Creanord a simpler and more elegant solution than anything on the market.

Unified View with eXtended SNMP, Activation Testing and E2E Active Monitoring

Creanord advances unified network visibility by combining active monitoring with generic network element counters, capacity and KPIs.

New Creanord eXtended SNMP provides detailed visibility into multi-vendor network elements to enable a more thorough understanding of the network, find bottlenecks and help troubleshooting. A single view for all performance monitoring and reporting makes operations more efficient.

eXtended SNMP

Creanord service assurance solution comprises SNMP, active probing, premium reporting and service activation testing. Now, the solution is expanded with capability to collect virtually any SNMP data, such as interface counters, network element CPU and memory load as well as environment data. This feature is called eXtended SNMP and brings additional advanced capabilities

Leading Telcos are using the Creanord solution for information on whether a network is configured to provide services as specified (activation testing) and monitoring detailed network performance KPIs such as latency and loss (active monitoring). Once an issue is detected, it is important to be able to assess whether issues are due to problems with network elements. To address this situation - in any network and with any equipment - Creanord now provides eXtended SNMP with off-the-shelf capability to configure monitoring for SNMP MIBs. Further, capability to set variables and mathematic operations makes it possible to smoothly set up configuration and on-the-fly unit manipulations to fit data for reporting. MIB uploader tool with MIB browser and Driver Configurator bring a new degree of operations flexibility.

SNMP monitoring use case

New eXtended SNMP enables:

  • Collection of any MIBs from any network equipment, e.g. interface counters, CPU, memory usage, environment, radio link KPIs such as BLER and BER
  • Manipulation of data with mathematic operations, e.g. convert bitrate from octets to Mbits, multi-CPU load averages and deltas for running counters
  • Flexible variables to collect data from e.g. ports 1-n

The new capabilities give the operator more freedom to use the appropriate KPIs to manage the network experience, resulting in more control over aspects affecting the customer's perception of the service.

Extended SNMP features

The new eXtended SNMP helps to optimize the OSS landscape by reducing silos and simplifying collection of active probing, activation testing, SNMP network performance and element health data into one system, where correlation is quicker and simpler. Additionally, it brings you more agility and reduces time to action.

Benefits of the eXtended SNMP include:

  • One system with a unified view to:
    • service activation testing results
    • active end-to-end latency and loss data
    • bandwidth
    • network element health data
    • radio link performance data
    • any data from any SNMP MIB you choose, built-in drivers for common use cases included as well as editing tools
  • Improved control over your network
  • Faster troubleshooting and improved correlation
  • All relevant service assurance data to one repository

Overall, improved visibility brings you better control to help ensure your customers stay happy with their services. Please drop us a line to discuss how to streamline your network monitoring!


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