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Welcome to January 2011 issue of Creanord EchoNEWS. EchoNEWS aims to keep you informed of developments at Creanord and in the fields of SLA assurance, automated Ethernet service delivery and OAM (Operations, Administration and Maintenance).

Our energetic development team has worked hard and as a result EchoVault 4.9 is soon to be released. In this issue of EchoNEWS we highlight some of the new features.

Interactive and customizable web reports

As a result of our ongoing effort to improve web reporting experience the 4.9 release takes Web Reports to new heights by introducing interactive customer dashboards as an enhancement to the EchoVault 3S Reports Add-on.

High value customers are demanding customized reporting with KPI's (Key Performance Indicator) that are imperative specifically for their business. If you start to look for a solution to answer customer SLA reporting needs when you already have the request for quotation in your table - you are too late. With EchoVault Service Providers are empowered to deliver detailed customer web reports off the shelf. Virtually any KPI can be measured and reported with flexibility that only EchoVault can offer.

Amend the web report for example with customer bulletin board and the web reports are given a whole new meaning - further committing the customer relationship.

Provisioning feedback

EchoVault 4.9 brings enhancements into provisioning feedback. You will get status information for the provisioning process in a form of an Icon with matching color. There are six different states which mean that you will have accurate status for the provisioning at all stages. The Policy Status view provides you a quick way to check whether your service provisioning completed without any issues or with some warnings so you know exactly what is going on. The events during provisioning are also logged automatically in case you need to look into the details of the provisioning events later.

Automatic Configuration Backups - Protecting assets that matters

EchoVault stores the configurations for MetroNID and MetroNODE units automatically. By continuously monitoring the configuration status for the devices EchoVault automatically notices changes and takes a backup from the changed configuration - reducing manual work and protecting your networking assets. Manual backup is offered as an alternative method.

In case you need to restore a backup the crucial information of the used firmware version for the device is also stored in EchoVault. Lot could go wrong if this aspect of the restoration process would not be taken into account beforehand.


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