New CreaNODE 500 Mini Probe | Supercharged TrueTCP RFC 6349

- This article focuses on the new palm-sized monitoring powerhouse, the CreaNODE 500 Mini Probe and powerful TCP testing. The new miniaturized probe includes line-rate testing and precision time-stamping.

CreaNODE 500 - a Palm-Sized Powerhouse

CreaNODE 500 is a miniaturized probe for distributed monitoring in metro and access as well as data centers. With high precision measurements and a versatile set of testing methodologies, it provides detailed network visibility. With the Creanord NetPrecision measurement, you can monitor end-to-end segments and topologies such as mesh, star and ring.

Operational tasks are a breeze thanks to EchoVault management and the new powerful Test Topology Designer helping to quickly set up for instance complex mesh measurements. TrueTCP RFC 6349 and Y.1564 SAT enable service activation and bandwidth testing on all layers (L2-L7). Furthermore, the CN500 comes with distributed SNMP high frequency data collection enabling for example granular bandwidth management in dispersed environments and inside data centers. The CreaNODE 500 is the probe of choice, when network visibility, assurance flexibility and absolute precision are required.

CreaNODE 500 Mini Probe

CreaNODE 500 Mini Probe highlights include:

  • Perfect for Creanord NetPrecision Active Testing
  • Hardware Timestamp Engine for 1 microsecond accuracy
  • L2 to L7 Service Activation Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Enables distributed and high frequency SNMP polling for granular bandwidth monitoring etc
  • Supports TrueTCP at 1Gbps line-rate, enables Supercharged RFC6349 Service Activation Testing for detecting Middlebox (e.g. Firewall, NAT) issues
  • EchoVault automation and powerful Test Topology Designer support

Leading Telcos, Data Centers and Utilities have discovered Creanord's uniquely powerful service assurance solution with undoubted accuracy. The new CreaNODE 500 makes it simpler and more cost-efficient to monitor flexible topologies (end-to-end, full and partial mesh, segments etc) with a single platform with absolute measurement quality. The solution is rounded off with superior reporting and management.

Introducing Supercharged TrueTCP RFC 6349 Testing with Millions of Connections

Connectivity services are typically sold as Ethernet or IP, but many customer applications run on TCP. If services are tested only on lower layers, there is a risk that all looks well at handover and yet users experience problems causing churn or additional truck rolls.

TrueTCP enables you to see how your network behaves when it is under pressure from millions of users. For TCP throughput testing RFC 6349 provides the standard of choice. However, many TCP testing implementations consider only a few, maybe tens of connections. In a real service provider network you will likely have thousands and maybe up to millions of users. Each device uses several connections depending on the applications running, so you will need meaningful quantities to find potential bottlenecks. That is why Creanord TrueTCP scales to millions of connections! Like the name implies, it uses real TCP data, not just 'fake TCP' using headers.

In NFV networks the complexity only increases as services are spun up and torn down, so service activation testing becomes vital because it does troubleshooting from user perspective with TCP. Creanord Supercharged TrueTCP with RFC 6349 exploits DPDK to enable 1,000,000s of simultaneous TCP connections. TrueTCP runs on CreaNODE hardware probes as well as the vProbe. You can run the vProbe VNF at speeds ranging from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps to validate the ability of the network to handle high TCP load.

TCP RFC 6349 100G vProbe

In addition to the ample simultaneous TCP connections, 12 simultaneous services are supported for CoS testing. The real-time result preview lets you see immediately how the test is proceeding and results are stored in a nice report as PDF in a single repository, from which they can be shared.

Creanord Supercharged TrueTCP for CreaNODE features & highlights include:

  • Supercharged RFC 6349 probe-to-probe L4-L7 SAT testing and troubleshooting
  • 1,000,000s of simultaneous TCP connections to simulate real use
  • Testing 12 simultaneous services
  • Intel® DPDK-powered monitoring
  • Real-time result preview
  • Shareable PDF reports with repository
  • Future-proof with NFV capabilities and SDN interfaces (REST)
  • Supported in vProbe and hardware-based CreaNODEs

The new capabilities give the provider more confidence in understanding the services and the network experience. Because the network is the foundation for value creation for an operator, detailed understanding of and control over its performance are prerequisites to implementing a winning strategy in highly competitive environments.


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