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NFV PoC at BBWF | EchoVault Release 7.1

Welcome to the latest issue of Creanord EchoNEWS, focusing on innovative solutions for SDN/NFV, service assurance and SLA reporting. Creanord helps Service Providers align the network with business targets to enable differentiation and improve customer satisfaction. This edition looks at the upcoming events with an NFV Service Assurance PoC and the latest product updates.

Creanord to Present NFV Service Assurance PoC at Broadband World Forum

Imagine a software-driven network with high-accuracy information about network state available to any SDN applications in real time.

Intel Network Builder

Creanord will showcase an NFV-based virtualized service assurance management-driven solution for service chaining at the Broadband World Forum Virtualization Technology Showcase Pavilion together with the Intel Network Builders ecosystem. This Proof of Concept will demonstrate Creanord vProbe as a reliable way to achieve automated and flexible deployment of network-wide measurements in SDN and NFV networks. Further, the PoC shows how to facilitate scalable automated E2E measurements with application-agnostic SDN app subscription to ensure deterministic performance, thus removing one of the major blockers to NFV adoption.

Creanord will be presenting the PoC entitled "Virtualized Service Assurance Management for Service Chaining with vProbe" at NFV Proof of Concept stage on Tuesday Oct 20th at 4:20pm. Speaking will be Kim Gunnelius, Director Product Line Management.

vProbe NFV SDN

Creanord EchoVault 7.1 Launched

EchoVault Service Assurance and SLA reporting system release 7.1 is coming soon to a NOC near you. It is packed with goodies, including the following:

  • CreaSFP 200 L3 management and flow stats. CreaSFP is the companion of choice for CreaNODE 3000 Probe or vProbe, providing high-accuracy measurement endpoints with TWAMP and flow stats with full EchoVault management.
  • Improvements for Calix E5 with Flow Stats and automatic SAT loopbacks
  • REST API for SDN and NFV applications
  • TCP Connect Advanced measurements with full EchoVault reporting
  • Support for vProbe and CreaNODE 3000 based Y.1564 SAT with provider brandable reports, publishing and report repository

For more information, please contact your sales representative or drop us a line.

Check out our Webinar on Service Assurance in Virtualized Networks

Creanord's webinar on SLA guarantees when moving from physical networks to SDN/NFV on Intel Network Builders channel is now available at The webinar is presented by Antti Pappila, CTO and Co-founder of Creanord and Kim Gunnelius, Director Product Line Management.

Intel Network Builders vProbe Webinar

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