Creanord Expands Mobile Backhaul SLA, launches EchoVault 6.0 with enhanced Multi-Vendor SLA management

Barcelona, 26 February 2013

Creanord Ltd, the leader in Ethernet Wholesale SLA, assisting Carriers and service providers in exploiting the flexibility of Ethernet to differentiate and save cost today announced expanding the Mobile Backhaul SLA with new data sources, stylish wholesale Customer SLA view and centralized Y.1564 report automation for the already versatile EchoVault solution.

Most service providers operate in an environment with equipment from multiple network elements vendors. In such scenarios, performance data may be stored in different equipment, systems and formats. Thus, calculating and comparing the reported data against what has been promised to the customer can be quite a headache, especially if the data is needed in real time. Yet, SLA management is key in competing with quality and service characteristics rather than just price.

To provide innovative services to customers, carriers increasingly need a versatile and robust platform with timely information. For this reason it makes sense to have one central SLA repository and system to collect Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from different equipment, crunch the numbers as well as display status and report performance against what has been sold. Creanord EchoVault goes beyond single-vendor solution limitations and lets you do just that, showing performance against monthly SLA in real time for a broad range of equipment.

EchoVault already comes with a wide range of performance metrics and with EchoVault 6.0 the scope is further expanded to base station measurements with Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol, TWAMP.

EchoVault allows optimizing the cost of performance data measurement and collection for SLA calculations precisely according to the agreed service levels and network topology. Performance measurements for SLA management may be set up for instance as follows:

  • Network Interface Devices (NIDs) at both ends of a circuit for best measurement quality. This enables granular data for data delivery ratio (DDR), microburst detection and precise delay and jitter measurements with one-way results for premium SLAs such as Mobile Backhaul and Financial.
  • For less critical links TWAMP, UDP Echo or EtherLoopback™ suffice. TWAMP is the latest addition to this category and brings the benefit of wide vendor support and one-way metrics without a NID at each end.
Further, proper SLA management requires turn-up testing to validate the performance of provisioned services against SLAs. The EchoVault 6.0, introduces workflow-optimized Y.1564 Ethernet service validation that goes beyond RFC 2544. Y.1564 benefits are realized through faster validation thanks to running many flows simultaneously, while still providing a high level of accuracy. This allows for significant opex savings as links can be turned up much faster.

“The new EchoVault Release 6.0 allows us to position us comfortably at the forefront of SLA management providers.” says Creanord CTO Antti Pappila. “With Carrier Ethernet 2.0, reporting on service quality is an absolute requirement. But often this is still done in a language the customer does not understand. The translation from number of packets lost, delay and jitter to ‘are we getting what we paid for’ is our speciality. Just check out the new, powerful Customer SLA view in 6.0. We are starting to see some real traction in the marketplace for this.”

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Creanord EchoVault

Creanord EchoVault lets carriers Bridge the SLA Gap™ by providing a carrier-grade Service and SLA delivery platform that accelerates the Managed Ethernet Access turn-up and automates SLA reporting. Multi-Vendor support allows using a broad range of equipment and different technologies to extract performance data for SLA calculations.

The EchoVault platform allows you to win more business by introducing new and innovative Ethernet services whilst producing significant operational savings through automation. Furthermore, the solution maximizes value by offering seamless integration with business support systems. The solution allows Communications Service Providers to enhance their Ethernet-based backhaul service with a state-of-the-art Carrier Ethernet performance management and SLA solution.

About Creanord

Creanord assists carriers and service providers to streamline networks and business operations by providing a comprehensive solution for SLA management and for strengthening customer loyalty. The company has expanding partner network responding to customer needs in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

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