Creanord Changes the Game in Mobile Backhaul Assurance - introduces CreaNODE 3000 Ultra-Performance Network Measurement Probe with SDN-ready accuracy, reach and flexibility

Barcelona, 24 February 2014

Creanord Ltd, the leader in multi-vendor performance management and service reporting solutions, today announced the CreaNODE 3000 with unforeseen capabilities, performance and scalability for Virtualized Mobile Backhaul Service Assurance.

The carrier-grade CreaNODE 3000 Advanced Probe is a game changer. Not only is it highly accurate and powerful, providing Layer 2 and Layer 3 network monitoring with unparalleled scalability and reach, it’s also simple to deploy and manage. The 3000 comes with future proof design facilitating inclusion of innovative “beyond usual suspects” capabilities through software upgrades. The CreaNODE 3000 provides cost-optimized monitoring of Mobile Backhaul and Business WAN, scaling beyond 10 000 flows or SLAs with1 μs measurement resolution. This unique device makes it simple to assure four or more Classes of Service while monitoring thousands of sites with one single unit.

Thanks to the capability to extract performance metrics from already deployed multi-vendor networks with standards-based technologies, such as RFC 5357 TWAMP, as well as uniquely optimized mechanisms, the CreaNODE 3000 enables performance monitoring without a forklift upgrade and with exceptional cost efficiency. It’s also perfect companion for Smart SFPs providing hardware assisted measurement end point functions to sites where absolute precision and high frequency response is needed.

The CreaNODE 3000s are placed to strategic locations such as RNC and LTE Packet Data Gateway sites. These distributed units are completely centrally managed and seamlessly integrated with Creanord EchoVault system for centralized provisioning, management, mediation, analytics and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting. Measurement capabilities in deployed network elements are leveraged and extended with Smart SFPs to provide accurate and cost efficient measurements using e.g. TWAMP. The solution is trusted by leading providers both in internal and external assurance and Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Objective (SLO) reporting.

“The new CreaNODE 3000 allows us to change the game in backhaul assurance.” says Creanord CTO Antti Pappila. “Why? Multi-CoS and Multi-Vendor is the reality. Yet there hasn’t been a solution that truly meets the requirements in flexibility and scale. Given the growth in data rates and SDN coming strong, network experience management becomes a vital part of every backhaul network out there and we’re uniquely positioned to help our customers and partners in this transition. ”

The CreaNODE 3000 together with Creanord EchoVault centralized orchestration lets you optimize opex and capex as well as provide attractive and easy to understand real-time and periodic service reporting.

About Creanord

Creanord enables the True SLA Network Experience, assisting carriers and service providers to assure performance in multi-vendor networks and provide real time and monthly compliance reporting, extendable to customers through a portal with Creanord EchoVault. This comprehensive solution for Performance and SLA Management provides predictive analytics and improves network visibility to strengthen customer loyalty. For more information about Creanord, please visit

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