BARCELONA, Spain, February 24, 2016

Creanord Gears Up for SLA-Aware SDN Deliveries for SD-WAN and vCPE with REST Interface Extensions

Creanord Ltd, the leader in SDN/NFV network state, IP and Ethernet performance monitoring and service reporting solutions, today announced SLA extensions to SDN interfaces. The new functionalities extend automation capabilities in virtualized networks to SLA-backed services based on Creanord vProbe monitoring.

Network functions virtualization (NFV) is emerging as a cost-efficient way to manage network services and software defined networking (SDN) as a way to bring improved centralized control of the network. With these technologies, there is a promise of more automation to help speed up service development, delivery and revenue growth.

The initial service assurance challenge is ensuring performance for predictability and manageability of services in virtual networks. Creanord is addressing this for instance in ETSI NFV PoC #39 together with Intel and Brocade. Because important services are backed by SLAs, another set of criteria need to be taken into consideration. At each point in time, a software-driven service needs to understand whether the SLA is close to being breached and if better performing network resources should be used to deliver the service. Classic performance monitoring is aware only of thresholds relating short reference periods. To address the challenge, real-time calculation of SLA status, the crown jewel of Creanord's reporting, provides invaluable up-to-date awareness to SDN controllers.

Focusing on assured virtualized service delivery, the extended REST interfaces enable new services driven by business requirements. They go beyond Network State with full SLA support including versatile KPI retrieval and notifications.

"SLAs will play a major role in SDN as customers want to be sure they get what they pay for when ordering high quality services." states Creanord CEO Jari Augustin. "To deliver SD-WAN and vCPE services in line with customer expectations, the CSPs will need to have SLA-aware systems. SLA status needs to be available to SDN apps for network control and reporting. Positioned at the forefront of SLA reporting in traditional networks and being able to exploit our unique, powerful vProbe technology, we are combining these strengths to enable a compelling experience with software-defined networks."

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Creanord empowers carriers and service providers with True SLA Network Experience™, through a complete service assurance solution for SDN/NFV, Carrier Ethernet and IP networks. The solution comes with the CreaNODE 3000 Advanced Probe and NFV-based CreaNODE vProbe, EchoVault Performance and SLA Management system and EchoVault Portal as well as the CreaNODE EV3000 appliance, combining probing, reporting and management. This comprehensive solution for Performance and SLA Management provides predictive analytics and improves network visibility to strengthen customer loyalty. Creanord enables Service Assurance with the power and flexibility required in ever-changing, virtualized networks.


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