Service Assurance, SDN and the Third Network

Welcome to October 2014 issue of Creanord EchoNEWS, focusing on EchoVault - the leading Mobile Backhaul and Wholesale performance management and SLA reporting platform. Creanord helps Service Providers align the network with business targets to enable differentiation and improve customer loyalty. This edition looks at the future of Service Assurance in evolving networks and product news.

Creanord appoints new CEO

Creanord has appointed proven leader Jari Augustin as CEO to strengthen growth. Jari is highly experienced in Sales, Marketing and Product Management and has held various executive and technical positions at Coriant, Tellabs and Nokia Networks. "I love the challenge of realizing the potential of a great company" says Jari. "With the advent of SDN and NFV and more flexible networks, the significance of network visibility will only increase. I am looking forward to driving the next phase of growth for Creanord." "Jari has in-depth technical and business acumen and has been instrumental in the success of a number of telecom products", says Creanord chairman Repe Mäihäniemi, "He is here to make a difference."

MEFs Third Network Vision and Service Assurance

The Metro Ethernet Forum introduced a concept of Agile, Assured and Orchestrated Services entitled The Third Network. The vision is based on Network as a Service (NaaS) principles and builds on Carrier Ethernet 2.0 towards a more fluid future, where performance-assured networking across service providers can be delivered on demand. The vision aligns well with Creanord’s vision of network element independent, virtualized service assurance.

With networks becoming more dynamic, monitoring and reporting on per customer level will be increasingly required. Analytics will play a crucial role to help understand the performance of network resources. Service providers will need an assurance solution not dependent on intrusive and expensive probes spread around the network. Service assurance solutions that can handle a dynamic environment and assure effectively in real time as well as relate to actual services sold are what is needed. Testing performance is key to long term SDN and NFV success – a prerequisite for the Third Network. As the network becomes more software driven, so should monitoring become less reliant on distributing physical boxes.

We are already seeing steps taken in this direction with NETCONF-based orchestration and CreaNODE 3000 Advanced probe deployments. The CreaNODE 3000 makes it possible to set up TWAMP or UPD Echo measurements to thousands of nodes from one single central probe, rather than distributing NIDs at each end point. One North American service provider has based their mobile backhaul monitoring completely on UDP Echo tests. With well over a thousand towers monitored at present and growing to almost five thousand in the next few months the speed at which towers can be added is on a different level from solutions requiring truck rolls for each location.

With SDN and NFV around the corner, we see that the level of flexibility and speed required is only increasing. Performance and SLA Management are increasingly top-of-mind. CreaNODE 3000 Advanced Probe and EchoVault provide the accuracy, number crunching and SLA visibility needed to ensure that the network runs smoothly even with the upcoming software defined challenges ahead. In the near future, we will see assurance distributed to the network endpoints as VNFs to enable the appropriate measurements for each dynamically orchestrated service.

Product Updates

CreaNODE 3000 Advanced Probe has seen a number of important updates recently, enhancing the CreaNODE 3000 and EchoVault Advanced Measurement policies. We have extended the range of measurement targets by introducing almost ubiquitous Ping monitoring based on ICMP, but with built-in advanced capabilities. This extends the range of addressable targets well beyond TWAMP and UDP Echo compliant equipment, to offer service providers even more versatility. Additionally, IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) ordinary clock with hardware timestamping accuracy is introduced. Combine this with the exciting developments in the area of smart SFPs, where high accuracy service assurance and OAM is introduced into a space- and energy saving form factor, for unprecedented deployment flexibility. This means it is possible to extend performance management and SLA reporting to new applications where cost and reach used to be hurdles.

While there is a plethora of test equipment on the market, nothing else comes close to reaching the thousands of sites with Multi-CoS. Together with EchoVault optimized workflow and the future-proof power of CreaNODE 3000 we have taken NIDless monitoring to a completely new level, ready to provide network visibility in the SDN and NFV era.

Multi-Vendor Y.1564 Service Activation Testing and Reporting

EchoVault multi-vendor support has been extended with support for ITU-T Y.1564 Service Activation Test (SAT) reporting for Calix E5 Ethernet Service Access Nodes.

EchoVault encompasses a powerful multi-vendor Service Activation Test Management and Reporting framework. The solution includes versatile operations functionality as well as end-to-end reporting reaching all the way to the client user via a customer portal. The following functionalities come with EchoVault SAT integration:

  • Point-and-click test report configuration, scheduling and queuing of remote tests
  • Attractive report layout - ready to be used as "Birth Certificates"
  • Portal delivery with provider branding with built-in publishing process support
  • Single report repository

In addition to new services activation testing, Y.1564 SAT can also be useful for troubleshooting. The powerful test management and scheduling functionality makes it easy to pinpoint issues in the network.

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