Smart Service Assurance

Welcome to June 2014 issue of Creanord EchoNEWS, focusing on EchoVault - the leading Mobile Backhaul and Wholesale performance management and SLA reporting platform. Creanord helps Service Providers align the network with business targets to enable differentiation and improve customer satisfaction. This edition looks at extensions to Service Assurance capabilities and upcoming events.

SDN-Ready Service Assurance with CreaNODE 3000

The CreaNODE 3000 Mobile Backhaul Assurance Game Changer, announced at Mobile World Congress earlier this year is taking the market by storm. Customer reactions for the new Advanced Probe range from excitement to disbelief (one service provider actually said straight out they don’t believe it – there has to be more hardware needed to monitor such a large network).

Check out the video on the CreaNODE 3000 and visit our web page to find out more.

Smart Service Assurance Demonstrated at Big Telecom Event in Chicago

Creanord will be demonstrating vendor independent Smart Service Assurance together with AimValley and OE Solutions at Light Reading Big Telecom event on June 17-18. We have a limited number of complimentary VIP passes for our customers to attend this exclusive invitation-only event taking place at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers. Join us and get hands-on demo of the smartest, lowest TCO Service Assurance solution on the market with CreaNODE 3000 and Smart SFP. Please email us to get your exclusive VIP pass.

EchoVault Release 6.3.0 with Site Browser and Multi-Vendor Enhancements

The new EchoVault 6.3.0 brings the new Site Browser taking monitoring visibility and easy charting to a new level. Attractive Multi-KPI charting combined with node and target map view bring powerful analytic tools to your fingertips. New Y.1564 Service Activation Test catalog with sophisticated customer portal support complete the picture for bringing enticing birth certificates all the way to the customer, including ability to view all historic SAT tests. Multi-vendor enhancements include support for Calix E5-520 and E5-308 Y.1731 and Smart SFP TWAMP for Smart Service Assurance. Further, Accedian MetroNID GT and MetroNODE LT support has been improved by introducing support for Flow Stats.

CommunicAsia 2014 Singapore

CommunicAsia, continues to strengthen and stay relevant to the ever changing info-communications technology industry. CommunicAsia 2014 is the event that addresses the ENTIRE ICT ecosystem from 4G / LTE, AR and Innovations, Content Security Management, FTTx, Mobile Apps, Mobile Broadband, Mobile Devices, RF & Cables, Telecom Energy & Power System and many others. CommunicAsia 2014 takes place on June 17-20 with the theme Bridging Communication Borders, Optimising Business Opportunities at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Please contact us to book a meeting.


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