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Welcome to May 2010 issue of Creanord EchoNEWS. EchoNEWS aims to keep you informed of developments at Creanord and in the fields of SLA assurance, automated Ethernet service delivery and OAM (Operations, Administration and Maintenance).

We discussed about Customer Experience Management (CEM) in our November 2009 EchoNEWS. In this issue we will take a closer look how EchoVault enables you to achieve your goals towards excellent customer experience through unique features designed for improving customer experience and loyalty.

Tools for Improving Customer Experience Management

We at Creanord focus much of our innovation on developing tools that will find and pinpoint the needle automatically from the haystack. Providing access to real-time information with the ability to instantaneously execute business decisions based on accurate network quality information enables the provider to react on possible SLA (Service Level Agreement) breaches before the customer experience is affected.

But the CEM is not only about managing the service sold. For end customers transparent view into the network service quality through Customer Portal is often even more important. For example it's highly valuable for the end customer IT staff to know status of the network services while investigating problems such as slow end user experience in their ERP system. At the same time the CIO is welcoming easy to access monthly web reports that are highlighting the Service Availability across the circuits.

How to make satisfied and loyal customers with CEM

Before provider can make a customer happy they need to win the business relationship. With strong CEM focus built-in the service the customer acquisition process is more effectual. This is due to the fact that great number of the potential new customers feels unsure whether they can count on promised service quality - and CEM reports are the way in securing the customers trust. For example with EchoVault providers are enabled to agree with the customer that all circuits will be professionally audited and reported in writing right after the turn-up is completed.

From this point forward it's a matter of managing day to day end user experience in a way that customer feels that they are valued and important. What if customer would be able to see easily from the customer portal that provider is proactively noticing, logging and solving issues - and during the process messaging how the problem solving is proceeding? We at Creanord believe that this is the key in CEM and in securing bottom line revenue. Stay tuned as we're about to release the EchoVault Event Dashboard soon!

Creanord EchoVault introduces new KQI: Best Expected Monthly Service Availability

Many new SLAs are based on Service Availability (SA) percent that is the amount of time that the service has been within agreed objectives. These objectives are measured by monitoring number of KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) such as packet loss and latency. In case the Service Provider does not meet these objectives, penalty is applied and in many cases bonus is granted with excellent performance. Because of this it's critical to know if a specific network circuit requires immediate attention.

Creanord EchoVault Best Expected Monthly Service Availability Dashboard view

With new Best Expected Monthly SA provider is enabled to set warning threshold for example Monthly Service Availability of 99,95% in case if agreed SA minimum is 99,8% to get heads up notification.

With this information, managers are equipped to take immediate corrective actions before the SLA is breached and customer experience is affected. Furthermore provider can focus on the service degradations that affect large number of customers or a particular high value corporate customer.

Service is fixed before the SLA is breached, no penalty this month

New EchoVault Analytics Dashboards 2.0

Among many other usability improvements the Analytics Dashboards version 2.0 introduces flexible sorting and ranking features that are valuable in CEM. Network Operations, for example, may run reports on Service Availability, Total Mbps Received & Total Mbps Transmitted, worst or best services, and worst or best service elements. For new services, marketing and sales may be interested in reports on service usage and service uptime. National regulators may also request historical service quality and availability against given service objectives from longer period of time. By continuously calculating Service Availability per circuit and per KPI the EchoVault provides you with all the needed information for Service Availability reporting.

Creanord has invited Ilkka Hiidenheimo to join the Creanord board

Ilkka Hiidenheimo, born 1960, is founder of Stonesoft - an innovative provider of integrated network security and business continuity solution. He has also act as a Chairman of Board of Stonesoft 1990-1998 and a member of the Board of Stonesoft 1998-2005. From 2004 his main duty has been CEO of Stonesoft Corporation. Ilkka is also a valued member of the board in some of the leading Finnish high-tech companies.


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