Wholesale is More Than Bulk

Welcome to December 2012 issue of Creanord EchoNEWS, keeping you informed of developments at Creanord and in the fields of SLA assurance, automated Ethernet service delivery and OAM. EchoVault is the leading Ethernet SLA management platform, helping Service Providers focus on aligning the network with the SLA to drive service provisioning and reporting, in order to enable differentiation and improve customer satisfaction. This article focuses on managing leased lines and wholesale to improve profits.

Trim the Wholesale Profit Engine

With networks being built at ever more challenging speeds, many carriers look to other carriers for providing leased lines for parts of their networks to ensure fast time to market. Sometimes the driver is to transform capital costs into operational costs. Many providers are moving toward 40% of the network coming from other providers. This means that the wholesale market provides some great opportunities, but is not without challenges.

Wholesale, as any service being bought, means you need to ensure the service is in line with the service level agreement (SLA). In order to manage the service, it must be measured. There will likely be a large amount of connections and data, from which you will need to extract the meaningful data points and show the results in a sensible format . Further, the information should be presented in real-time and be relevant, meaning it should show how well the service is performing against contract targets. EchoVault provides the means to accomplish all of this and more. It provides tools to give your team and your customers a real-time view into the status of the service against SLA targets, not just historic performance, answering the question "Does it look like service targets will be met for this month?". Further, because it allows configuring network equipment, it ensures the network is configured to provide what has been promised to the customer, aligning all those hundreds of parameters to do just that. Not only this, the SLA template-driven functionality helps you become more innovative by lowering the threshold to introduce new front line services with new SLAs, providing you with a future-proof platform.

Being able to provide the service sold to customers is key to keeping customer satisfaction high and minimizing churn. It is possible to go even further, though, and exceed customer expectations. Typically SLAs set targets for key attributes such as availability and delay. So how can you go beyond providing the agreed availability? The answer is the same as with any other service - it is always nice to get timely service, nicely packaged and easy to use. The telecoms equivalent to nice packaging is to provide real-time visibility in a language that they understand whenever they want. At the same time, it's not only packaging - it is actual evidence of the quality of the service provided.

As the wholesale market is evolving, a service provider needs to look for tools to differentiate in order to stand out from the competition. With the flexibility of Ethernet combined with high quality as well as the EchoVault's unique tools for transparency into the service, it is possible to stand out with amazing on-demand reporting showing how well the service is being delivered.

From Technology to Service Driven Networks

In a business environment with intense competition and co-opetition, it is important to ensure that relationships are based on clear commitments and services are provided according to agreements and expectations. When buying or selling leased capacity, the best way to ensure success in an environment with many other players is to provide transparency and visibility into the service provided and to monitor the service provided by wholesale suppliers. In today's complex environments if there is a problem, it may be hard to know whether it is due to an application, hardware or the network. With real-time visibility translated to customer language showing SLA delivery status the service provider can ensure both that customers are getting what they paid for and that the wholesale providers are delivering what was promised.

Creanord EchoVault provides interactive views to current status as well as scheduled reporting of performance measurement based data calculated against SLA targets, not only measurements. The solution helps you move to providing services based on value rather than just price.

New Release of EchoVault Coming Up!

EchoVault Release 6.0 is about to be launched and is sure to make a splash with the latest in SLA Management. With a fresh new user interface, new measurements types, new supported equipment and improved SLA dashboards, it is poised to further strengthen Creanord's leadership position. See EchoVault Super Release 6.0.

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