CreaNODE 3000

The CreaNODE 3000 Advanced Probe and CreaNODE vProbe are ready to change the game in active monitoring. Extract performance metrics from already deployed multi-vendor networks in a snap.

You get full network visibility without any extra hardware at the cell sites and customer locations. Because one CreaNODE 3000 can empower monitoring over 10 000 concurrent test targets with no compromise in timestamping accuracy, it scales to your needs while reducing operational costs to a minimum. Assuring four or more Classes of Service and still monitoring thousands of sites becomes a breeze. Now it is also possible to monitor network health and interface statistics with eXtended SNMP. Full integration with Creanord EchoVault to provide management, real-time network visibility, compliance reporting and a customer portal. The solution can easily be extended to unsupported legacy equipment with CreaSFPs providing hardware-accurate measurement endpoints.

CreaNODE 3000 Centralized Network Measurement Probe for TWAMP and Y.1564

Optimized for scalability, designed for Carriers and Service Providers

The CreaNODE 3000 probe is delivered as a 1U chassis. High performance is enabled by an architecture designed for carrier class deployments with a powerful Quad-Core processor and ample RAM memory. Front to rear cooling helps ensure reliability is up to par. The CreaNODE 3000 is ready for mission-critical conditions. Creanord’s relentless focus on enabling performance monitoring and SLA reporting at lowest TCO have resulted in this highly optimized product.

  • Highly accurate and ultra-powerful, scaling beyond 10 000 targets without compromise

  • Optimized architecture for remarkable performance with hardware timestamping precision

  • Attractive cost-benefit ratio removing operational barriers to minimize TCO

Absolute Network Visibility

The key to service visibility is accessing appropriate information fast and in context and getting relevant periodic reports in a form that makes sense. This ensures that all stakeholders get the information they need. Thanks to the cost efficiency and versatility of the CreaNODE 3000, you can extract performance and health data from almost any installed equipment, and with the help of EchoVault you get real time service reporting in easy to understand views as well as drilldown for more technical staff. Monthly summary reporting related to targets provides a clear overview relating to Service Level Objectives.

CreaNODE vProbe - Network Assurance NFV App

CreaNODE vProbe is a Network Assurance Probe NFV App based on the DNA of CreaNODE 3000 Hardware Probe. CreaNODE vProbe is available for virtual machine hypervisors such as KVM, XEN and VMware ESXi. The vProbe provides a wealth of Delay & Data Delivery Metrics for Ethernet and IP Network Assurance and SLA Monitoring. It also supports TrueTCP RFC 6349 Service Activation Testing with high performance, including over 1 million simultaneous connections. Creanord EchoVault system brings centralized metrics collection, analytics and element management for the vProbe. The solution has open interfaces (RESTful NETCONF, CSV/XML, SNMP etc.) for SDN and OSS integration.


Highly scalable Ethernet and IP network measurement probe

Perfect for cost-optimized Mobile Backhaul and Business WAN monitoring

Advanced multi-vendor compatible platform with TWAMP, UDP Echo and Y.1731 measurements

Hardware Timestamp Engine for 1 microsecond accuracy

Service Activation Testing with Y.1564 and RFC 6349

Throughput measurements for turn-up testing and troubleshooting on L2, L3 and L4-L7

Performance Assurance highlights

Carrier-Grade virtualization, extensive list of compatible test targets

Interoperates with Nokia, Cisco, Ciena, Ericsson, Huawei and more – with the option to introduce precision endpoint measurements using Smart SFP

Seamlessly integrated with EchoVault Performance Management and SLA Reporting

Carrier-class and future proof design

Expansion Slot for additional Interface Modules e.g. CN3K-TH10G4: 10 Gigabit Ethernet Test Head Expansion Module for CreaNODE 3000 with 4 x SFP+ ports


2 x RJ45 GigE Test Interface (Copper)

2 x SFP GigE Test Interface (Copper and Fiber SFPs)

Supported SFPs: MM, SM, SFS, CWDM, DWDM, Copper

2 x RJ45 GigE Management Interface (Copper)

1 x RS232 (RJ45) Console, 2 x USB


Hardware Timestamp Engine on Test Ports

Both AC and DC power variants available

Select AC/DC ﴾100-240VAC) or Dual Feed DC ﴾-48DC) power supply

Expansion Slot for additional Interface Modules

CN3K-TH10G4: 10 Gigabit Ethernet Test Head Expansion Module for CreaNODE 3000 with 4 x SFP+ ports

CreaNODE 3000 Probe, easy Performance Assurance for Mobile Backhaul

The CreaNODE 3000 is a simple yet powerful performance management solution using several standards-based measurement technologies, including Y.1731 L2 loopback, TWAMP and UDP Echo. This fully NIDless solution utilizes carrier-grade virtualization to extract performance data from base stations, routers etc. EchoVault aggregates performance data and centrally manages probes with built-in automation and provides an intuitive web GUI. Probes are located at central locations.

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Interactive and Dynamic Web Reporting
SLA Dashboards
Turn SLA reporting into one of your key competitive strengths
Attractive Performance and SLA Compliance Reporting
SLA Delivery
Attractive performance and SLA compliance reporting
Automated SLA Reporting for Path Protection Services
SLA Protect
Automated SLA reporting for path protection services
Powerful Network Health Monitoring & Analysis
Powerful network health monitoring and troubleshooting
Centralized ITU Y.1564 and RFC-2544
Throughput Meter
Centralized Service Activation Testing with ITU Y.1564 SAT
Make EchoVault even better
End-to-End metrics from sub-path tests

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