CreaNODE 500 Mini Probe

CreaNODE 500 Mini Probe | a palm-sized powerhouse

Creanord CreaNODE 500 miniaturized probe is a palm-sized powerhouse, packed with packet performance for advanced, segmented and distributed L2 to L7 network assurance for Metro and Access. Over and above features include line-rate TCP testing and of course this tiny unit comes with Precision time-stamping.

CreaNODE 500 Mini Probe for Active Assurance, TrueTCP, Y.1564 SAT and localized SNMP polling

Flexible Mini Probe for Active Assurance

CreaNODE 500 is a miniaturized probe for segmented and distributed monitoring in metro and access. Thanks to its high precision measurements, the CreaNODE 500 is perfect for monitoring tasks where detailed networking visibility is needed. With the Creanord NetPrecision measurement, you can monitor end-to-end segments and topologies such as mesh, star and ring. TrueTCP RFC 6349 and Y.1564 SAT provide you a toolset for service activation and bandwidth testing on all layers (L2-L7). Further more the CN500 comes with localized SNMP high frequency data collection enabling for example granular bandwidth management in distributed environments and inside data centers. The CreaNODE 500 is the probe of choice, when network visibility, assurance flexibility and absolute precision are required.

  • Perfect for Creanord NetPrecision Active Testing

  • Hardware Timestamp Engine for 1 microsecond accuracy

  • L2 to L7 Service Activation Testing and Troubleshooting

  • Enables localized and high frequency SNMP polling for granular bandwidth monitoring etc.

  • Y.1564 Service Activation Testing to validate new service set up, with compelling reports

  • Supports TrueTCP at 1Gbps line-rate, enables Supercharged RFC6349 L4-L7 Service Activation Testing with Middlebox (e.g. Firewall) awareness


Small Form Factor

Slim (19.4 mm) and light (500g)

Perfect for distributed and segmented WAN monitoring

Designed specifically for NetPrecision end-to-end and segmented active testing

Supercharged RFC 6349 TrueTCP L4-L7 measurements with 1M simultaneous TCP connections

Y.1564 Service Activation Testing on L2 and L3

Hardware Timestamp Engine for 1 microsecond accuracy

Service Assurance highlights

Seamless integration with EchoVault Performance Management and SLA Reporting

EchoVault centralized Y.1564 SAT management and reporting

EchoVault centralized TrueTCP RFC6349 management, real-time visualization and historical reporting

EchoVault Topology Designer Tool (map based provisioning) for NetPrecision Active Assurance Test Control


3 x 1 GbE LAN test ports (RJ45)

1 x RS232 (RJ45) Console, 1 x USB


Hardware Timestamp Engine on all Ethernet ports

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