CreaNODE EV3000 Appliance

CreaNODE EV3000 – Service Assurance for IP and Ethernet Networks Made Simple

CreaNODE EV3000 provides carrier-class service assurance, combining service activation testing, troubleshooting and powerful performance monitoring. Versatile Performance and SLA reporting capabilities round off the impressive set of features of this 1U high Appliance. EV3000 brings together the simplest and fastest deployment possible with minimum footprint to achieve complete assurance for IP and Ethernet service delivery. Carrying out turn-up testing and continuous monitoring in multi-vendor networks has never been easier. Just deploy a centralized assurance appliance without a need for extra equipment at the customer edge. The CreaNODE EV3000 gives you confidence to guarantee service levels by empowering full gigabit SAT and monitoring up to 1000 nodes with carrier-grade timestamping accuracy, while reducing operational costs to a minimum. Integrated reporting provides management and real-time network state.

CreaNODE EV3000 Service Assurance Appliance TWAMP and Y.1564

Centralized Automated Testing, Monitoring and Reporting

Service Activation Testing with Y.1564 gives you confidence that a service has been turned up according to the SLA, ensuring smooth handover to the customer. Powerful performance reporting with service focus helps you avoid problems before they happen, prioritize issues and drill down when needed. CreaNODE EV3000 lets you monitor any network, thanks to a versatile set of standards-based tests including Y.1564, TWAMP (Two-Way Active Monitoring Protocol, RFC 5357), Y.1731 loopback, UDP Echo – all enhanced with advanced functionality. Centralized monitoring gives you a single unified performance view of the network with minimum effort.

  • 1U High Performance Ethernet and IP network measurement appliance: report and monitor up to 1000 nodes with one single integrated appliance

  • Perfect for fast deployment and cost-optimized Business WAN and Mobile Backhaul monitoring

  • Hardware Timestamp Engine for 1 microsecond accuracy

  • Y.1564 Service Activation Testing to validate new service set up, with compelling reports

  • Advanced and standards-based with TWAMP, UDP Echo, Y.1731 loopback and classic ICMP Ping measurements; TCP Connect and bandwidth monitoring with CreaSFP

  • State-of-the art browser-based reporting with map, charting, drilldowns, events, SLA management

  • SNMP traps and emails to administrators triggered by performance events

Absolute Network Visibility

With the industry’s most accurate and powerful monitoring and efficient overview, there is no better tool to help you improve customer satisfaction, reduce Opex and become proactive and responsive. Compliance reporting in real time dashboards and Excel format provides a clear branded monthly reporting perspective. CreaNODE EV3000. Service Activation Testing helps ensure smooth service delivery and attractive reports bring a nice value-add.

Appliance-based Ethernet and IP Service Assurance

CreaNODE EV3000 Appliance is designed for high-precision monitoring against endpoints. If geographic distribution is required, the CreaNODE EV3000 Appliance can manage and aggregate data from up to 9 additional probes. Creanord’s powerful CreaNODE 3000 and NFV-based vProbes can be used for this purpose. Endpoints not supporting Y.1564 loopbacks, TWAMP or Hardware-accurate timestamps can be upgraded with CreaSFP 200, providing high-accuracy monitoring points for the installed base. The CreaSFP also supports bandwidth monitoring measurements. The CreaNODE EV3000 solution supports max 1000 targets in total.


Carrier-grade Service Assurance appliance

Perfect for cost-optimized Service Activation Testing and troubleshooting as well as Mobile Backhaul and Business WAN monitoring

Advanced platform for automated testing of Y.1564, TWAMP, UDP Echo and Y.1731 measurements

Hardware Timestamp Engine for 1 microsecond accuracy

Built in analytics and reporting

Service Assurance highlights

Appliance based with simple installation and setup

All-in-one testing, troubleshooting, monitoring, reporting and export interfaces

Seamlessly extendable with CreaNODE 3000 Probe, virtualized vProbe, Portal and CreaSFP precision endpoints

Carrier-class and future proof design

Expansion Slot for additional Interface Modules, Disaster Recovery support


2 x RJ45 GigE Test Interface (Copper)

2 x SFP GigE Test Interface (Copper and Fiber SFPs)

Supported SFPs: MM, SM, SFS, CWDM,DWDM, Copper

2 x RJ45 GigE Management Interface (Copper)

1 x RS232 (RJ45) Console, 2 x USB


Hardware Timestamp Engine on Test Ports

Expansion Slot for additional Interface Modules

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