EchoVault Portal

Creanord EchoVault Portal - Differentiate with a Customer Portal

EchoVault Service Portal helps you attract and retain demanding high-value customers through service quality visualization. Being open towards customers helps build trust and strengthen the relationship. Reporting helps differentiate and increase the value of strict-SLA services.

EchoVault Portal is a fully fledged carrier-class Performance and SLA reporting platform. It provides not only multi-tenancy, security, provider branding and efficient portal roll-out, but also an option to share web content, giving you a powerful platform for developing customer intimacy.

Creanord Customer Portal for SLA Delivery

Publish relevant views to your Business and Wholesale customers with strict SLAs

EchoVault Portal lets your customers see the relevant data, such as real-time SLA status, Service Activation Test reports, Compliance reports all with browseable history. You can also choose to give visibility to selected performance data. Realize great EchoVault Portal benefits.

  • Strenghtens provider brand identity

  • Allows building customer intimacy through openness

  • Builds trust

  • Reduces ’finger-pointing’ and helps avoid ’guilty until proven innocent’ syndrome for operator

  • Helps automate customer communication and reduce customer service calls

  • Makes service tangible by visualizing telecom service that user cannot sense

Customer Portal of the Cloud era

EchoVault Customer Portal brings all these value-adding features to the customer’s browser, taking the overall communications service user experience to an entirely new level, helping you to differentiate in an ever more competitive environment.


Multi-tenant Customer Service Portal

Delivered with full Provider branding and flexible configuration options

Fully featured secure web publishing

Enforced by Creanord URL Security Proxy

Efficient customer portal roll-out

Drag and Drop applications for EchoVault and other web content

Shared web content for all customers

Internal e.g. executive reporting

Purpose built for SLA and SAT report repositories and service status views

Integrates with external web resources


Runs on Linux, supports Virtualization

EchoVault Portal runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle Linux. Virtualization such as WMware, XEN and Oracle VM is used for improved availability, flexibility and performance of your data center resources. Also Solaris (SPARC) with Zone and Container Virtualization is supported.

Customers and User Groups

EchoVault Portal users can be intuitively grouped into a hierarchy of Customers providing flexibility and ease of administration. For example EchoVault Portal supports delegated administration, such that you can give one person of a customer the ability to add more users.

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