Business Access SLA

Exceeding Demanding Expectations

Today all enterprise customers require a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with their connectivity services, because business continuity increasingly requires quality. Winning bids and keeping existing customers is easier for service providers that can differentiate. Service Focused Performance and SLA Management allow broadening the perspective on telecom services from a pure expenditure to encompassing high value attributes such as quality and flexible, multi-purpose reporting.

Creanord EchoVault provides high value performance and SLA reporting for Business Services with:

  • Monthly SLA compliance reports to prove delivered quality
  • Visualized status against service targets for each customer or all circuits in real time, with drilldown to performance KPIs
  • Accurate active monitoring with latency and loss plus interface stats and element health with eXtended SNMP
  • Customer Portal with real-time interactive reports as well as report repository, with built-in support for publishing and approval
  • Data extraction from network elements from Cisco, Calix, Ciena, RAD, OneAccess and many more

Because SLAs are typically done on a monthly basis, simply measuring on five minute periods does not tell you anything about the contractual status – this must be calculated for each circuit from the beginning of the month – and here is where EchoVault shines. Customers appreciate seeing in real time what the SLA status is so they can for instance verify that a problem is not due to the network. Service visibility is key in making the service tangible and thus improving customer satisfaction. For operations this information also helps to focus and bring clarity to priorities.

EchoVault Portal lets you automate real-time and periodic reporting to customers, while keeping full control over the publishing process. Portal reporting helps you attract and retain demanding, high-value customers through service quality visualization and build customer intimacy through openness.

Service activation testing (SAT) based on Y.1564 verifies each new configured site. Additionally, TrueTCP RFC 6349 can be used to test up to 1 million simultaneous connections probe to probe. EchoVault provides an attractive PDF report that can be provided to the customer at handover as a ‘birth certificate’ showing that the circuit has been tested and was confirmed to function as intended at the time of handover.

A business access network often contains network elements from multiple vendors. Y.1731 standard measurements done by equipment can be retrieved from the network elements or an element management system. EchoVault hides the complexity of the network and provides the relevant reports in a language the customer as well as management can understand. This enables a single performance data repository and a wide range of service reporting value adds.


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