Mobile Backhaul Assurance


Satisfy the Demand for Visibility

Mobile backhaul is experiencing fast growth and requires significant investment. A solution providing end-to-end visibility while minimizing hardware investment helps you stay in control of your network. EchoVault provides powerful performance monitoring with comprehensible reporting not only on a detailed level, but also on service and customer level.

Powerful performance monitoring for service and customer levels

Creanord EchoVault gets you in control of your network with the following:

  • Multi-vendor performance reporting with a single glance overview
  • Multiple technologies to extract performance data, optimized for each type of equipment and network topology
  • Powerful service status reporting with analytics
  • Predictive warnings and graphic views to put events in context ensure proactive troubleshooting

In mobile networks with a tree-type topology, it is possible to utilize TWAMP (Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol), UDP Echo or Y.1731 Ethernet Loopback messages to monitor from a central location (such as the network controller or mobility management entity, RNC/MME) to the mobile base stations. One CreaNODE 3000 Probe can measure against thousands of locations, so the savings compared to a solution requiring hardware at each location can be significant, without sacrificing hardware-based time-stamping accuracy. All of these probe-based measurements provide highly accurate delay, jitter and loss measurements.

If some base stations do not support accurate loopback responses, their capabilities can be extended with CreaSFPs to enhance response accuracy. With dedicated hardware, service activation testing (SAT) based on Y.1564 can be added to the picture. This lets you use the unique SAT workflow and presentation capabilities of EchoVault, extending report delivery and archive access to users and internal interest groups through the service portal. CreaNODE probes further enable TrueTCP RFC 6349 testing with one million simultaneous connections. To give a more well-rounded understanding of network performance, Creanord eXtended SNMP with Driver Configurator and MIB uploader enable importing any interface and health data. The combination of accurate active monitoring with SNMP-based health data makes the solution truly exceptional.

Real-time SLA management

With this streamlined monitoring set up, utilizing a combination of built-in measurement capabilities and the exceptionally powerful CreaNODE 3000, EchoVault brings a wealth of performance and service reporting functionality. Per customer or area summary reporting with service target comparison (SLA Dashboards), monthly service target compliance reporting and service portal help bring unparalleled visibility to the network.


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