Wholesale Backhaul SLA


Get an Edge over the Competition

Creanord EchoVault provides the following to help you differentiate:

  • Attractive monthly compliance reporting in a language the customer understands, with support for approval and delivery process

  • Customer portal with real-time performance against monthly SLA targets as well as report repository

  • Predictive alerts to help prevent issues before they occur

  • Multi-Vendor Y.1731 support to leverage the capabilities of a broad range of equipment

Performance data refined with analytics together related to the customer service allows you to tap in to the opportunities of Wholesale by going further than just meeting the customer expectations. Automated compliance reporting along with real-time reporting in a language that the customer understands provide nice packaging to the service. At the same time, it's not only packaging - it is actual evidence of the quality of the service provided.

Service-focused reporting raises the visibility into the service and provides real-time operational intelligence to support decision-making. Creanord’s full SLA portfolio, includes compliance reporting, real-time reporting, protected circuit reporting as well as service activation reporting (Y.1564 and RFC 6349). Powerful and efficient SLA management with templates and automatic portal reporting lowers the threshold to introduce more front-line services with new SLA attributes.

EchoVault empowers top-line focused wholesale providers to succeed with cutting-edge reporting. Delight your customers with True SLA Network Experience.


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