Creanord vProbes

CreaNODE vProbes | Virtualized and Cloud Ready End-to-End Assurance

Cloud production networks are complex and when mixing Production Platforms, Virtualized Networks, Data Center Interconnect (DCI) and Cloud Access it’s even harder to master than classic physical-only environments. New tools are needed and that’s why Creanord has developed a set of vProbes for you to help to validate capacity and assure latency and continuity for quality sensitive customers.

End-to-End Cloud Assurance

Here’s what we have off-the-shelf for you

  • Creanord vProbe for OpenStack

  • Creanord vProbe for KVM

  • Creanord vProbe for VMware ESXi

  • Creanord vProbe for XEN

All of the above can be delivered in different form factors

vProbes support a comprehensive set of active tests and metrics collection. Automation, DevOps, Software-Driven Testing and SDN Closed Loop integration can be achieved by harnessing the power of our REST Open API which comes with Swagger, the world's most popular API tooling. vProbes also work together with our hardware probes such as CreaNODE 500 Mini Probe. So, you can add some physical monitoring and testing points for example to your cloud edge and customer prem quickly and easily when needed.

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Tests Overview

Active Testing

NetPrecision, TWAMP, UDP Echo, Y.1731...

Passive Testing

Bandwidth, Environmental...

TrueTCP RFC 6349

TCP Throughput testing at 1G/10G/100G

Emulates millions of TCP connections

SAT Y.1564

L2 and L3 Service Activation Testing at 1G/10G/100G

CreaSFP Testing and Management

Per-second bandwith, Digital Diagnostics

Service Assurance highlights

Seamless integration with EchoVault Performance Management and SLA Reporting

Full set of tests and tools - all centrally managed with EchoVault

SDN Service Aware Monitoring

SLA Status with service perspective, not just performance

Comprehensive and robust REST API for SDN closed loop integration and back office integration

Comes with Swagger, the world's most popular API tooling


Virtual image for OpenStack, KVM, ESXi and XEN


Linux kernel based with different form factors and footprints

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Interactive and Dynamic Web Reporting
SLA Dashboards
Turn SLA reporting into one of your key competitive strengths
Attractive Performance and SLA Compliance Reporting
SLA Delivery
Attractive performance and SLA compliance reporting
Automated SLA Reporting for Path Protection Services
SLA Protect
Automated SLA reporting for path protection services
Powerful Network Health Monitoring & Analysis
Powerful network health monitoring and troubleshooting
Centralized ITU Y.1564 and RFC-2544
Throughput Meter
Centralized Service Activation Testing with ITU Y.1564 SAT
Make EchoVault even better
End-to-End metrics from sub-path tests

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