Creanord EchoVault

Creanord EchoVault is the True SLA™ Management and Performance Assurance system for Service Providers and Carriers

Thanks to the versatility of Creanord EchoVault, you can extract performance data from almost any installed equipment, and get a unified view with real time network and service reporting in easy to understand form. EchoVault works seamlessly with the CreaNODE 3000 Advanced Probe and vProbe for performance monitoring from a central location using TWAMP or UDP Echo. EchoVault can collect data with a range of technologies: with SNMP or NETCONF directly from the equipment and using MTOSI or XML/CSV from third party EMSs. Regardless of the underlying technology, your network view is unified.

Creanord SLA Assurance and Performance Management

Creanord EchoVault provides state-of-the-art service reporting and helps focusing on the essential

EchoVault empowers you with easy-to-understand attractive reporting from different perspectives: network, service or customer. With target levels for different service types, you can control and report on the full range of your services. One single database with all relevant service assurance data in one system allows simpler alerting and cross-correlation.

  • Real-time latency and loss with performance against monthly SLA targets

  • Fast troubleshooting with contextual intelligence

  • Bandwidth and network element health reporting

  • Monthly service summary/compliance report

  • Customer portal for best-in-class provider-branded service performance and SLA reporting

Managed performance

The combination of EchoVault Service reporting with the ability to manage performance for a broad range of devices provides the most advanced ready solution for predictive monitoring, attractive service visualization and SLA compliance reporting. Not only does it help you reduce churn, you become more relevant to your customers, while at the same time keeping costs in check. And it is easy to take into use.


Multi-Vendor Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and SLA metrics

Unified network visibility for multi-vendor networks. Harness KPIs and KQIs like Data Delivery Ratio and Service Availability and network health, collected from equipment or with probes.

SLA Life-Cycle Management

Complete solution from turn-up to ongoing quality management and customer reporting. Service Activation Testing with Y.1564 and TrueTCP RFC 6349, performance metric collection (e.g. Y.1731 and TWAMP), maintenance windows, reporting for customer portal.


Interactive real-time reports, best and worst circuits

Real-time operational intelligence with high-level overviews, troubleshooting, worst-to-best sorting and drilldown. Allows accessing appropriate information fast and in context.

Site Browser

Search by location and visualize performance quickly. Location details and Map.

Performance Dashboards

Real-time performance view with current status and performance against service level targets. Easy-to-understand and attractive, brandable and exportable through a portal.


Runs on Linux, supports Virtualization

EchoVault runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle Linux. Virtualization such as KVM, VMware, XEN and Oracle VM is used for improved availability, flexibility and performance of your data center resources. Also Solaris (SPARC) with Zone and Container Virtualization is supported.

Big Data Analytics

EchoVault is designed for Big Data. Exploit the data from tens of thousands of nodes and targets with granular measurements providing KPIs, automatic real-time analytics through interactive, dynamic and scheduled reports.

EchoVault RESTful APIs

RESTful API and Data Exporting for SDN and OSS/BSS integration

Fits smoothly into an existing OSS environment and software defined networking (SDN), by providing versatile integration and orchestration mechanisms for current and future software-driven networks.

EchoVault RESTful KPI Interface

  • RESTful KPI Interface for retrieval of SLA Data and RAW Measurement Data as JSON objects for SDN controllers and applications. Includes Swagger REST Developer Tool.

EchoVault RESTful Event Interface

  • EchoVault RESTful Event Interface, active (push) event delivery as JSON objects to subscribed SDN controllers and applications. Includes Swagger REST Developer Tool.

EchoVault RESTful Provisioning Interface

  • RESTful integration Interface for software defined provisioning automation.

RESTful Maintenance Window Provisioning Interface

  • EchoVault RESTful Maintenance Window Provisioning Interface. RESTful Maintenance Window Provisioning Interface. Includes Swagger REST Developer Tool.

Feature Spotlight: EchoVault SLA Compliance Reporting

EchoVault SLA Delivery empowers you to automate monthly SLA Compliance and Performance Reporting. SLA Delivery provides solid SLA reports in spreadsheet format and comes with full report creation and approval support.

Monthly SLA reports are automatically created, with an option to add out-of-service maintenance windows and recreate. Further, the solution automatically emails the reports to selected recipients and online SLA report archive makes it easy to find the report you’re after. A complete solution for your SLA Deliver

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Interactive and Dynamic Web Reporting
SLA Dashboards
Turn SLA reporting into one of your key competitive strengths
Attractive Performance and SLA Compliance Reporting
SLA Delivery
Attractive performance and SLA compliance reporting
Automated SLA Reporting for Path Protection Services
SLA Protect
Automated SLA reporting for path protection services
Powerful Network Health Monitoring & Analysis
Powerful network health monitoring and troubleshooting
Centralized ITU Y.1564 and RFC-2544
Throughput Meter
Centralized Service Activation Testing with ITU Y.1564 SAT
Make EchoVault even better
End-to-End metrics from sub-path tests

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